Folders opening on project view switch

Hello. Newbie here.

When I switch to project view via the sidebar icon or keyboard shortcut, all of my folders open to display all available projects. Is there a way to stop this? I would prefer to open folders myself depending on what I need, and the compact closed-folder view is much more user friendly.


Something I’ve been waiting for / asking for for years now, unfortunately this is default and only behaviour

Hm, doesn’t seem to happen to me, but not sure if I’m misunderstanding. Collapse all the folders in the sidebar, click into another view like Tags or Review, then click back to projects, they are still collapsed.

No - on mine, in project view I close all the folders then switch to any other view. when I switch back all my projects are open again and I need to close every folder. It’s really frustrating…

Just an update - I just noticed the keyboard shortcut to collapse all folders. That will do nicely.

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