Folders vs Nested tasks

Hi all,

I’m wondering how other users organise related “projects”. Where do you draw the distinction between using folders vs using nested tasks to pull related action items together.

I’ve swapped back and forth between using and not using folders a few times now. It’s mainly been driven by how much info I was able to see in my “Next Action” list.

For example:

I’m considering purchasing a vehicle. I’ve got my heart set on either a Honda motorcycle (my first, I need to learnt to ride), or a '89-'91 Honda Civic hatchback (the best model), or an early Jaguar XJS. Would you create three folders or three Actions to hold these in and why?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experiences!


Yeah I don’t have any issues using nested tasks inside a project. For example, I have a Project with tons of tasks for future holiday breaks in general, but have a nested group for the current holiday period that I move tasks into for that holiday.

It turns out I have just stumbled over a good answer to my own question.

Folders are useful for when you want to group projects/tasks together but want to have different tasks both simultaneously available in the Next Actions perspective.

Next Actions only shows you the very next available task in a project. Using one large nested project thus blocks potentially valid next actions from view as it only gives you the top available item from that set of nested projects.

For example, if I’m working through a similar prep workflow for two different projects, then I’d want to see the next action of both of these projects so that I can do them together. Using a folder to group the projects would let me do this. Nesting those two projects as sub-projects (tasks) would not.

Thanks goes to Lucas Burke for helping me stumble over a useful answer for this one.

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