Font Size and Whole Document Style


I have been reading about styles, but I am completely stuck on changing the font size of a document with multiple rows. I have selected “Whole Document” under styles, and the whole document turns blue indicating that all of the rows are selected. When I select a “Font Family,” it effects every row; however, when I do the same for font size, no change occurs. I can change the font size if I select a single row but, again, when I select “Whole Document”, changing font size does not do anything. I tried “clearing style” under whole document as well, but I still can’t change the font size.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

It sounds like you have a font size set somewhere more specific than the whole document style. Select a row and look at the Style Attributes inspector, it’s at the bottom of the Selection Style inspector. This will display what styles are affecting that row. In the example below, there is a font size of 14 set for all level 4 rows, and a font size of 18 set for just the single row that has text “Concert ticket”. The row displays at size 18 because that’s the most specific definition– “Make this single row font size 18” vs “Make every level 4 row font size 14” or “Make every row font size X”. This is also why it’s at the top of the list. If you click the ‘x’ button to the right of anything listed in the Style Attributes inspector, it will delete the attribute.

You’ll probably want to directly select all the rows (select a single row then push cmd-a) and remove whatever font size is set on them that isn’t defined by the Whole Document style.