For MacOS clean install - where r projects & preferences?


Hi and good day,

In preparation for a MacOS clean install:

What is the best way to save the projects & maybe some important preferences(?) ?

Where are the projects stored?

Just asking.


with best regards,

Omar K N

Stockholm, Sweden


You could:

  • File/Export to a new Omnifocus document and then open the exported document in your new install
  • File/Show Backups in Finder, which gives you all your backup databases, copy the most recent and restore from that in your new clean install
    The database and backups are in /Library/Containers/com.omnigroup.Omnifocus3


Just sync through the OF sync service?


Hi Janov,

Are you sure that syncing through the OF sync service will repopulate my projects/ tasks?


with best regards,

Omar K N

Stockholm, Sweden


I would create a backup first, just to be 100% sure you have a fall back scenario. But it has always worked for me!


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