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I do most of my inbox items are single actions, I have very few Projects. It seems that OF 3 forces a project to be entered when I only want a tag, 95 % of my items are tags. I had a project called “Work” and somehow this was entered in items that had nothing to do with work, about 20 items were designated “Work”. How can I prevent OF 3 from entering a project that I did not intentionally enter. “Miscellaneous” Is another Project that is automatically entered. I delete the items that have “Work” entered, but they seem to come back after I go to another perspective. I don’t want to delete the “Work” Project fearing I will lost all of the contents of the that Item. Some items have “No Project” in the Project area as it should be.
So, I simply want to have No Project entered in the Project when I do not designate a project, will just entered a tag name.

Thank You

Can you post step by step how you create new tasks? OF3 doesn’t force a project (I have quite a few tasks in my Inbox - but don’t tell anyone :-) ) because I usually dump new tasks there and then allocate them tags/projects or whatever later

Take a look at the setting called “Clean up inbox items which have” under the “Organization” tab. OF will clean up (i.e., remove from the inbox) anything matching the criteria you have selected in that setting. If it’s set to “A Tag”, then OF will assign tagged tasks to the Miscellaneous project. Some possible solutions are:

  • change that setting to “Both a project and a tag”
  • rename the Miscellaneous list to “No Project”

Hope that helps!

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