Forecast Default Opens to Tomorrow

I haven’t been totally up on all the recent changes, so hope I’m just missing something easy: When I click from Inbox or other Perspectives to my Forecast Perspective (OF 2.4.1), it defaults to showing me tomorrow in the calendar, and not today. I thought it used to show me today. I can’t find any settings to change in Perspectives. What am I missing? I’d like to click on Forecast and go right to today’s due items.

Hi, the day the Forecast perspective opens to should be based on what you were last viewing. For instance, if you are viewing Today when you switch away from the Forecast perspective, the next time you visit Forecast it should show you Today (even if it’s been, for instance, 3 days since you last looked in Forecast).

Are you seeing different behavior? If you make sure Today is selected before switching away to another perspective, when you return to Forecast, is Today still selected?

Thank you–this is helpful. Now it’s working as you describe–I thought it wasn’t before, but I haven’t been able to reproduce. So that’s good!