Forecast does not show "only one week"

Oh Omni… you promise a “one week” view in Forecast, but I’m presented with this:

Thursday --> Monday is a 5 day view. I would love to have a Thursday (April 10) --> Thursday (April 17) view.

Is this an error, or am I missing something?

I guess the sidebar inspector only has room for 7 blocks. The “Past” block takes up one block. The “Future” block takes up another block. That leaves us with only 5 available blocks.

Maybe they can put the “Past” block/button as a big button on top of the week row. Then put a “Future” block/button on the bottom. Then maybe, they can squeeze in 7 days?

Be sure to send feedback via the OF2 app (Menu Help > Contact Omni). That’s a better way to notify them.


Thanks - I did!

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