Forecast Perspective - "Found in Mail" Calendar Missing

Forecast perspective does not show the “Found in Mail” calendar even though I have this calendar enabled in Mac Calendar (missing from Forecast view options also).

Does anyone know why this might be?

if you click on the view settings in your toolbar, you can also choose which calendars to show up in omnifocus. have you looked there?

Yes I know that. But the view settings do not show the “Found in Mail” calendar that is shown in Mac-Calendar.

In Mac-Calendar I have three calendars under ‘Other’ - ‘Holidays’, ‘Found in Mail’, and ‘Birthdays’. All three of these calendars are activated in Mac-Calendar settings Preferences>General.

However, in OmniFocus only the calendars ‘Holidays’ and ‘Birdays’ appears in the view settings. So, I’m wondering, why isn’t the ‘Found in Mail’ calendar also in the view settings?

Hey @nielkfj! Good question. After a quick look, it seems like the “Found in” series of calendars – “Found in Mail” and “Found in Apps” are the two I can see – are unique to the Apple Calendar app. The system doesn’t appear to expose those calendars to OmniFocus for inclusion in Forecast. Sorry about that!

Ok, so it is OSX that is blocking those calendars. Thanks for the explanation.

It’s not really a problem. Probably Apple intends the ‘Found in Mail/Apps’ calendar to be a temporary holding place for events that are found by scanning Mail and Apps and, if accepted by the user, should be moved to another calendar. Perhaps they are even automatically moved to another calendar when accepted - I’ve never accepted any, so I don’t know what happens if they are.