Forecast Tag not fully working

Hi all,
I finally discovered (yes, I’m late to the party) yesterday a way to make the Forecast view do what I’ve desperately wanted it to - to show me both the things I urgently need to do but aren’t due on a specific day and those that are due, by using the Forecast tag (yes, I’m on Pro) set to Today, and tagging stuff Today. Great…

except it doesn’t work for me. I’m fairly sure it was working for me yesterday when I first set it up on my Mac, but then last night I upgraded to OF3(Pro) on my phone as well (for this feature) and (possibly because of that, or possibly just at a similar time) now it’s not working and my Tagged: Today bit of the Today bit of Forecast is only showing a single task, despite the number of tasks so tagged (and not deferred) being in double digits. Have I found a bug, or is there some config option I’ve not yet found that says only show one tagged item or somesuch?

Any help gratefully received - I was so happy to get my workflow working properly after so many years of having to flit between perspectives and I feel like it’s been cruelly taken away from me again!

Edit: Further information: I removed the Today tag from the the only thing showing (which was a task I tagged as Today on my phone last night) and now there’s no tagged items showing in Forecast - it’s as if somehow tagging something as Today on my phone broke the Today tag for everything I’d tagged on my Mac. Adding the tag back to that task makes it appear, while adding the tag to other tasks doesn’t cause them to.

Final edit: Finally worked it out - the projects were set to be sequential, and those items that wouldn’t show in Forecast weren’t at the top. Sorting out my filing a little bit is making the tagged items appear more predictably. I’ll leave this thread here in case someone else gets similarly confused and this might help them, but for now I’m sorted, I hope.


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