Forecast Today includes all items whatever the due date?

Just back on the Mac and have put a few items into Omnifocus. When I look at Forecast then all the items appear under Today whatever the Due Date is. Have I missed a setting!?

Peter H

I recommend checking your View Options (View > Show View Option, โ‡งโŒ˜V, or toolbar button).

In addition to showing items that are due on a specific day, the Forecast perspective can show items that have been deferred to the selected date and those that are available + tagged with the Forecast Tag (๐Ÿ•˜ Soon in my case).

But yes, there is a difference compared to the Ipad/Iphone. While Ipad/Iphone only show the forecast for one particular date at a time, the Mac version of OF shows all future due dates. You have to click on a date (or drag a selection of dates) in the calendar to restrict the view to a specific date. You could, if you have the Pro version of OF, create a custom perspective that shows only those tasks that are due or due soon, though.

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