Forecast View: Drag & Drop to defer tasks doesn't work?

My problem is, that if I try to drag a task to another day (by holding down Command Key) the task also gets a Due Date for this day.
I only want to defer the task without a due date.
Is this a bug or is it a normal behavior of Omnifocus?
Is there another way to defer tasks by drag & Drop?

Thanks Michael

Hmm… I don’t see that. Just curious how you would defer a task without a due date? Seems it would only show up on the Forecast if it has a due date.

It is interesting that you can use the Command key and the Option key.

The Command key drag seems to leave the item with its set Due date but adds a Defer date. Item still shows on the due Forecast date.

Using the Option key, the due date is changed to the new date and no entry is made in the defer date. Items moves to the new date.

The Background is that I use a NEXT tag to show tasks in the forecast view.
They don’t have a due date. Now I decide to defer it to another day and won’t see it until then.
In this case I don’t want they to get a due date for this day. They should come up on this day, because they have NEXT-tag.


Just trying to understand…

You are using just a tag? I’m not sure I understand. If there is no date assigned, how is it showing due?

In OF3 there is an option to define a tag that’s shown in the forecast view.
In view options of the forecast view it can be toggled on and off.

By design, holding down the Command key should only set the defer date, leaving the due date (if any) unmodified. It works fine for me, both for tasks with and without a due date.

From the docs:

If you hold down the Command key while dragging an item, OmniFocus sets the defer date rather than the due date when you drop it. Similarly, if you hold down Option-Command while dragging, OmniFocus sets both the defer date and the due for the item.

If you haven’t already, consider emailing support by choosing Contact Omni from the Help menu.

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Hmm… I don’t see that functionality but would love to learn how. The only thing I see for that would be to turn on the option to “Show deferred items.” I don’t anything for a tagged item with no date to show in the forecast (calendar). How/Where do I set that?

In the Forecast view settings, set the “Today shows items with this tag” to whichever tag you choose. This becomes the Forecast Tag.

Items with this tag will appear under Today in the Forecast perspective, even if they’re not due or deferred to today. If they don’t get completed, you’ll find them in Today again tomorrow.

You can also specify the Forecast Tag on other Mac and iOS devices and you can use the same tag or a different tag on each device.

On a side note, once you’ve specified the Forecast Tag you can use the keyboard shortcut Control+Command+L to toggle it on and off (Mac).

Oh, Cool! I saw that option but didn’t understand what it meant. Thank you!

I only have the Standard version so I thought maybe you were getting more features from the Pro version.

You’re very welcome, @ScoutsHonor. Good to hear this helped!

Upgrading to Pro makes sense for most people, especially if you have a lot of projects and actions to manage. Among other things, the Pro upgrade would allow you to create custom perspectives that incorporate the Forecast Tag. For example, I created “Today” and “Hot List” perspectives that I use regularly (they’re documented here if you’re interested).


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