Forecast View repeats tasks in both due and deferred

I realize I may be missing something obvious here. But, when I switch to the Forecast perspective, it shows me what is due today, but under it shows “deferred” and those are the exact same tasks from “due” for the most part and for the same day. This creates a very cluttered Forecast perspective. I am studying Creating Flow with Omnifocus and haven’t found an answer to the problem.

Are you on Mac or IOS?

I am using Mac to try to fix the problem, but also use iOS as well.

An example might help.

I want to “Check Bank Accounts” to be a daily repeating task. I would like it to show up on the Forecast perspective once per day on the upcoming days (as well as today), so I know it is a task I need to plan for, but no combination of repeating (weekly or daily) or setting defer dates works. If I defer it each day, then on that particular day it shows up both on due and deferred, which clutters the screen since I have many tasks repeating daily. If I uncheck “show deferred tasks” on the Forecast perspective, then I get an incomplete picture of what I have to do on the upcoming days.

On IOS if you go into the Forecast screen, and then click on the eye icon at the top, you can turn off Deferred items.

Apologies, I don’t use the Mac version, but i’d guess there is a similar option.

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