Forward and Back Toolbar Navigation

Seems that this would be standard in the toolbar? I have quite a few task that link to other projects for reference or review. Once I click on the link to view the project for reference or review it would be a more efficient work flow to be able to mouse click or keyboard shortcut back to the previous page.

Is there away to do this with apple Script? Or keyboard Maestro?


I am fond of using multiple tabs to view different perspectives. I close a tab or switch to another tab to go back and forth. It’s not the same as forward and backward. But it’s a mind shift for me to use multiple tabs instead.


Thanks for your response and link. While this did not provide exactly the behavior I was looking for your “mind shift” comment got me thinking and after some internet searches came up with a good solution which I combined with your multiple tabs.

I found the hidden Omnifocus preference which will open links in a separate tab or window depending on your system Dock preferences. I can now click on a perspective link or project link in a task and it will open in a new tab or window. I can then use the “cmd W” shortcut and the tab (or Window) closes and I am back to my last tab where my task is with the link. If I choose to leave the new tab or window open for future use I can just click the previous tab and Im back to the original task. This method appears to create an efficient workflow as I have several repeating task to review the status of various perspectives and projects. With the link in the repeating task lots of searching and mouse clicks are eliminated.

Here is a link to the tab/window hidden preference

Not sure why I did not find this earlier ;)

Also, Thank you for your blog post on using Keyboard Maestro to make custom palettes for groups of perspectives. This makes a fantastic and efficient work flow!


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