Fountain and Markdown Export for OO5

I’ve created a simple exporter script that creates a Fountain outline from OmniOutliner. As it turns out, Fountain’s section syntax and Markdown’s heading syntax are identical (this is not a coincidence), so this exporter may also be useful for people trying to get a quick Markdown export out of OO. (My impression is the old XSL-based exporters are no longer compatible with OO 5+, although I could be wrong about that.)

You can download a zip file from the “Releases” tab (or download the .scpt file directly).

At this point this has only been tested in a cursory “it seems to work for me” fashion on a few documents, including a screenplay outline that has acts and scenes as topics and scene synopses as notes. (Getting that outline into Slugline was the entire point of this exercise.) Read the “Limitations” section in the README file, and be aware that the more tricks you use in your outline the more likely it will fail spectacularly. :)

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