Future Due Dates Showing In Available Prospective

Hi…so I have this available perspective to show me things I can work on now. Now to me means current/past due dates and defer dates and tasks with neither a due or defer date (unless the latter are a part of a sequential project with preceding tasks not yet complete)

Here’s a copy of my perspective

In this view I see tasks with a due date (no defer date) of 9/14/16. Is there any way to change this so that future due dates are not part of “available”

This affects all my other perspectives as well (that do not filter by due or flagged)


You have to use a defer date. Otherwise, the item that is due on 9/14 is available for you to work on.

edit: I fixed my answer in bold.

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Gotcha…thanks Steve!

Hi everyone. I’m also bit frustrated by this.

I have a lot of miscellaneous tasks that pops up from day to day, and I like to toss them in a misc list or inbox without having to think about due dates, defer dates, place in a project, etc… this is stuff that I will be taking care of in the next few days regardless. I want it to show up in the same perspective (like a Current tasks) as project-associated tasks that are Due Soon (but not those due later).

I can set the perspective to show Due Soon, but then items that don’t have a due date are excluded. I can set it to show Available, but then all tasks that do have due dates show, not limited to Due Soon. Do I really have to take the time and mental energy to determine a defer date for every future task so it doesn’t show up in my daily working list?

I use a perspective that shows all available tasks for that purpose. That way, I can see all my available options grouped by context (I call it “Next Actions”).

Because it shows only available tasks, it excludes deferred items, blocked items (like in a sequential project), items assigned to on hold contexts, etc., but it does include due and flagged stuff (provided that they are available).