Future tasks not visible as calendar items?

Last question for now…
I’ve done a little bit of testing and found out that future tasks are not visible in my iOS/Apple calendar?

Only tasks as far 10 days ahead or so appear as a task in my iOS calendar.

Is it supposed to work like that?

I believe the actual time frame is 2 weeks. I searched the relevant sections of the [Mac][1] and [iPhone][2] user manuals, but alas found no reference to the specifics of how far ahead it publishes. In fact, the iPhone manual misleadingly states

After you’ve authorized the new calendar subscription, due date reminders will appear in Calendar for all the upcoming actions and and projects you’ve scheduled. (emphasis mine)

A search on the forums here would provide more specifics, I think.
[1]: https://support.omnigroup.com/documentation/en/omnifocus-2-for-mac-user-manual/preferences
[2]: https://support.omnigroup.com/documentation/en/omnifocus-2-for-iphone-user-manual/receiving-calendar-alerts-and-notifications “the manual”

I tried to search. No results came up. Must be one of the few that likes this functionality.

But according to the manual: is this a bug?

I can’t provide an official answer, but I do know that the limitation dates from OF1. Here’s a post from the old forums asking for the ability to publish further out than 2 weeks.

Here’s another post from the current forums mentioning the limitation.

@RCHSW and @teronel

The calendar that OmniFocus can publish is only for the next 2 weeks of due items. I’ve filed a documentation bug requesting that this be clarified in the user manuals for each product. Sorry for the confusion that’s caused!