Generate a list of all outstanding actions

Is there a way to generate a full list of all outstanding actions (by due date) irrespective of project?

I have a Perspective, Incomplete Tasks. I can’t remember if I created it or if it’s built-in. If you don’t have it, here are the details (note - you need OF Pro to create Perspectives)

  • Project Hierarchy - Use project hierarchy
  • Group projects by Folder
  • Sort projects by Unsorted
  • Filtering by:
    Status - any status
    Availability - available
    Duration - any duration
    Projects - all projects

I think what your looking for is a perspective without project hierarchy sorted by due.

Depending on whether you want “unavailable” actions included, set both filter by availability and filter projects to available or remaining.

Thank you, that worked! Now, how do I get this customized Perspective to stay on the sidebar without having to go into the Perspectives drop-down menu each time?

Click on Perspectives→Show Perspectives and then click the star next to the one you want to pin.

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Star? Do I need Pro for that?I don’t see a star.

My apologies. i was dumb. Got it! Thank you!