GeoFencing? Am I missing something on the Mac App?

I’m curious to know if I’m missing a step or a missing a switch to toggle, because I would think you should be able to geo-fence from the Mac app and the iOS app, but for some reason I can only geo-fence things from the iOS app.

It’s only available on iOS, and there’s no interface to it on the Mac app.

Macs do not have a GPS chip and cannot geofence.

I think some of us want to have OmniFocus link into Apple Maps or Google Maps and tell OmniFocus to geofence a context to a pin.

@ericslife At this point in time, only the iOS versions of OmniFocus support location-based reminders. If you’d find this useful in the Mac app as well, please shoot us an email (! We’d be happy to add your vote to the appropriate feature request in our development database.