Get calendar items from Forecast?

Is there a way in AppleScript to detect that a calendar item has been added to Forecast, and then make use of that data?

For example, I’d like to build a script that would monitor the Forecast, and if an item was added that contained “Cinema,” it would copy the date and time info and create a new task that would “arrange for Babysitter” within a proper predefined interval.

I looked at the OF2 dictionary in Applescript, but couldn’t find anything about forecast or calendars.

Thanks for your help!

Since the calendar items don’t live in OmniFocus itself, I don’t think they are exposed via AppleScript. You might have better luck scripting or another calendar application, or even something like IFTTT to scrape a calendar for “Cinema” or what have you (this would depend on your calendar living in a place where IFTTT had access to it, of course).

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