Getting a view / report of resource unit % assignment for all their tasks in one place?

I’m trying to adjust assignments (%) for each resource using a visual overview of all tasks that a resource is working on.

The ideal way to do this would be to have a view of % for this resource for each given task in the Resource Timeline view, but the closest I’ve come is to turn on the display of Effort for a given task across all resources, which is not that helpful.

What I’d like to see is:

  • Resource Name
    ** Task Name % Assignment
    ** Task Name % Assignment
    ** Task Name % Assignment

The only place I’ve even found Resource percentages (on a single Resource/Task level) besides in tooltips is in the Assignments section of the Task inspector. Is there a place I can see, for each resource, their list of assigned tasks, with percentage assignment to each? Ideally in a view where I can make edits to those numbers?

The Load Graph bars are a great start - if I could make the % assignment that appears there plus in the individual task bars when you hover with the mouse visible all the time that would pretty much solve my need.

The default HTML reports don’t seem to include it. Maybe through creative use of variables I can get a report that lists tasks by resource with the percentage assignment to that task for each?

@vkottas Sorry for the delayed response to your post! If you’re still interested in setting this up, I think we could configure the Gantt view to display this information for you. To do so, you’ll first need to enable a hidden preference in OmniPlan by opening this URL:


If you’d like to disable this preference in the future, you can use this URL to do so:


After enabling this preference, displaying the “Assigned” label in the Gantt view will include the % assigned if a resource is assigned at less than 100%. If you’re only interested in reviewing this information for a specific resource in your project, you could then filter the Gantt to only show the tasks assigned to that resource. This will result in a view that looks like this:

I hope this helps!

Thanks ains. That was helpful and the setting worked as you documented.

I came across this question of mine again, and your answer, when searching again for a different project many moons later while leveling resources.

Is there a way to get a per-resource view of task assignments in more of a tabular view? (not just built into the Gantt).

Also, the overallocation bars are a great starting point for leveling but it would be super helpful to get a list of all the allocated tasks involved. With just the Gantt view I have to eyeball the “column” for the day above pink section of bar to try and see which tasks they are. Hovering over the pink bar gives the total allocation percentage, but not the breakdown of tasks that make up that percentage.