Getting "document mydoc could not be autosaved" pop-ups

I’ve started getting the following messages recently

The document “pytorch-curv” could not be autosaved. The file has been changed by another application.

If I do “Save As” and pick unique name, same thing happens couple of minutes later. Any idea how to work around this?

I have 7.11.1 which is newest.

I recently went to Japan and used OmniGraffle there, wondering if Omni still thinks I’m on Japanese time when checking timestamps

Excellent question. I couldn’t find much on-line anywhere, esp after 5.x. Checked where it directed me ([user]/Library/Autosave Information) and looked in various directories but didn’t find any back-up files.

Did you check things out using File -> Revert -> Browse All Versions and look at file date/times?

Are you using files Dropbox is syncing? If so, I believe they have a solution if you reach out to them at

If this is happening with local files, and not when syncing, please restart your Mac. If it’s still happening after that, can you contact our support from Contact Omni under the help menu?


Yes, I was indeed using Dropbox syncing. However, this is one-way sync, it should not affect “modified timestamp”, which is what programs rely on to figure out if file was modified. Is Omni by chance using “last accessed timestamp” instead of “modified timestamp”? I think it should be the latter

You can help isolate the issue by pausing dropbox syncing. Quit dropbox entirely and see if the issue can be reproduced. If the problem still happens without Dropbox, we should look at other causes. I asked about Dropbox because that’s the only other case I’ve heard of this error, and for that user, pausing syncing made the issue go away. It does seem like a bug, but if it’s caused by Dropbox, I won’t be able to help solve it on this side.

We read both timestamps in OmniGraffle Pro when you open the document so that you can use our variables for either inside the document for timestamps. See Insert Variables under the Edit menu for the list of variables. To the best of my limited knowledge, OmniGraffle is a standard macOS document based application and follows the Apple Developer guidelines for Sandboxed applications. OmniGraffle documents have been around longer than I’ve been programming, so I apologize if I didn’t answer your question.