Getting email into OmniFocus is frustrating - clip-o-tron isn't working

Just purchased vers 2; almost all my tasks are generated from emails yet I can find no solution for getting an email in to OF that works.

I installed the clip-o tron Set a clipping shortcut. Nothing happens, tried lots of different shortcuts. Nothing happens

Highlight some text choose Mail>Services Send to Onmifocus. Nothing happens

I’d appreciate some help. Thanks

I use this script that I discovered on the forums, triggered by FastScripts.

I’d recommend searching these forums, too, as there are several different AppleScript solutions and Clip-O-Tron ideas.



And Dispatch mail app on iOS :D

So the only solution to do such a basic task to install third party scripts? Surely not! I wouldn’t know how to for a start. Guess I’ll be getting my money back.

Have you sent an email to support? They are really good at helping out. And I think getting emails into OF is an area where it really shines compared to the competetion. What about mail drop? Isn’t that working?
Good luck with getting it fixed.

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Sorry for the trouble! These sorts of issues generally boil down to some sort of keyboard shortcut conflict - if you contact our Support Humans via email or at 800.315.6664 at your convenience, we’ll be happy to help.

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I’ve been using Postbox as my email client the past few months and it has a context menu “Add to OmniFocus” feature that works well.

Just tried it with Airmail 2 and the clipping function works well. I wonder what is stopping it working with the default Mac email and Safari

Our clipping function only gets a chance to respond to the keyboard event if the application in question declines to do so.

In other words, it sounds like Safari and Mail have functions assigned to the keyboard shortcut that’s been chosen, but Airmail does not - in the latter case, it passes the keyboard event along to us and lets the Clip-o-tron handle it.