Getting excited for Tags: adding emotion to your tasks

I listened to an old episode of the Getting Things Done podcast yesterday that made me excited for OF3’s official release. The episode focuses on Robyn Scott’s blog post on adding emotion to her task list, where she uses melodrama to add some excitement to her todos.

It’s a neat idea. Instead of focusing on the “real” context of each task, tagging each item with the kind of feeling it’ll give you to complete it seems like a novel way of keeping yourself engaged.

I, for one, usually have a number of things I dread on my list. I know I should motivate myself to get through them by thinking about the positive consequences of getting them done—the sense of relief or victory, for instance—but it’s hard to imagine those emotions when you’re looking at any task that is actually boring or dreary.

OF3 will unlock the ability to deliberately identify those positive emotional consequences when planning, so I’m excited for this update to finally be here!

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Yes! I initially thought tags would mean “multiple contexts”, but in reality, I find it gives me the opportunity to gives tasks contexts, categories, and other identifiable markers so that I can look at them in meaningful groups for doing or for planning/assessment (sometimes this still means multiple contexts, haha).

It’s been a huge boon to my organization of actions for sure!