Getting things done is not turning out to be easy!

I am not good at this.
So until I get into the habit I forget to check the app even for a whole 2 days in a row.
And then I set up what im going to do today, flag those items and so much other htings happen at the end of day i only did like half the items I flagged making me feel like im not getting anywhere.

Now do I take those leftover items out of flagged or leave them in there…
A few days later, I check them and see that these items are still not done and my flagged perspective isnt being taken seriously!!

This is hard stuff!

First off, welcome aboard! :-)

I think the main thing is to try and keep from getting too discouraged! Acquiring any new habit takes a certain amount of time before it becomes automatic; OmniFocus is no different. If you keep at it, you’ll get there. You also shouldn’t feel bad about - in fact, I’d recommend - giving yourself some easy-to-reach goals when you’re starting out.

A couple of early successes are really motivating - and some early failures can also make an impact that feels very big and can be really demotivating. I’ve found that customers also do best when they try to adopt habits/OmniFocus in stages; it can feel overwhelming to try and tackle everything all at once.

A good starter habit might be to try and just spend a week capturing stuff you want to be sure you don’t forget. That way, you’re getting some immediate benefits you can see - even if you’re not checking off everything that you hoped you would. A good next step which dovetails nicely with the previous one would be to make sure you do your weekly reviews, or maybe even daily reviews if you find doing them weekly is trivially easy.

From there, rather than trying to get a whole bunch of stuff done and feeling bad when it doesn’t, start by flagging one action and trying to get that one action done every day for a week, then do two a day, and so forth for a few weeks.

Hope that helps!