Github to Omnifocus

Hi everyone!

I love using Omnifocus for my own personal tracking and Github for Software and Orgwide collaboration tracking. A while ago I made a simple script to import all the issues assigned to me on Github so that I could track them in Omnifocus. It is available at

With the Omnifocus 3 release and respective upgrade, the script stopped working. Internally, all I was doing was using another Open Source module, osa-omnifocus"

And that modules uses OSA to add tasks to Omnifocus:

Do folks experienced in the arts of Omnifocus and Automation have a clue for me in what essentially breaks? The error is not helpful.

Thank you in advance!

PS: Humble request: If there was a JS library for all things Omnifocus, it would be rad!

For those interested. I made a bit of progress today –

Got stuck on