Go back previous page?

Does anyone know ,is there any way to go back where you were?

@devhot Could you provide a bit more information about what you mean by “go back”? Are you referring to switching views in OmniPlan, for example, or the scroll positioning in a view?


Actually ,I m using omniOutliner, what do I mean “go back” is you are editing the Content A, and then go to Content B to edit, any shortkey to go back Content A that is where you were

I’ve moved this post from the OmniPlan to OmniOutliner forum.

Sorry, OmniOutliner doesn’t keep track of your navigation history in this kind of way, so there’s not currently any shortcut to “go back” as you’re describing. I have however passed this along to the rest of the team as a feature request. Thanks for telling us more about your desired workflow!