“Go to Project” from the Flagged perspective


Suppose a user is looking at a flagged project in the Flagged perspective in OF3 for iOS, and the user wants to add more actions or action groups to that project. Is there any way to go directly to that project from Flagged perspective?

While Projects perspective will let a user “deep press” to get an option for “Go to Project” for such edits/adding actions, a similar option doesn’t appear in Flagged or Tags perspective. Instead, it’s just cut, copy, and paste.

Is the only workaround to manually search for the relevant project or task, and then add more tasks to it from the Projects perspective?

Thanks in advance for any of your help and advice.


You can go to the project by opening up the inspector and tapping on the arrow to the right of the project name.


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Thanks for your response, Tim.

Though, I apologize, I’ve never seen what you just posted. Is that for the iPad? I thought that the layouts were substantially similar between all iOS devices.

There is no such arrow on the iPhone version, as I think the image below shows. I’ll be very glad to be shown where I’ve erred!

You’re very welcome Daniel.

You’ll see the project arrow in the inspector if you tap on an action (rather than a project) on either the iPhone or iPad.

If you long press on project in the outline view, you should see an option to go to that project.

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I understand what you mean now, thanks for clarifying.

Unfortunately, the long press does not reveal a “Go to Project” option in either the Flagged or Forecast perspectives (for me, at least). I think that option only appears when doing a long press in the Projects perspective.

Looks like I’ll be sending a feature-request email tonight :-)

You’re welcome. It does seem odd that a long pressing doesn’t reveal the “Go to Project” option. Good that you’re submitting this feedback to the Omni Group.

You can also short swipe on the project from right to left, tap on the ellipses ("…"), and choose Go to Project. Make sure you don’t swipe to far or you’ll delete the project.

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That’s it! I think that’s the option I was missing. I didn’t think to swipe left—no pun intended. Thank you very much, Tim.

You’re welcome, Daniel. Good to hear this was helpful!