Go to Project? I'm looking at it

Been using OmniFocus for about a year and I’m confused by how projects are represented in perspectives. Something I don’t quite understand is, why, when I’m looking at what I believe is my project in a custom perspective, can I not add actions? Why do I need to 3D Touch, go to Project in order to really look at the project?

So my actual question is, what is the logic (and benefit) to this separation?

Hi @johncatalano! I’m sorry for the frustration.

At the moment, OmniFocus doesn’t allow adding tasks directly into custom perspectives because it can’t guarantee that a newly added task will meet that perspective’s visibility criteria. I go into some specific examples over in this post.

For now, would Quick Entry be a suitable workaround? You could create a new task and assign it the visible project directly from the Quick Entry window. Then, if the task meets the perspective’s criteria, it should appear in the perspective as soon as you’ve saved it.

I’ve run into the opposite of this problem: the UI seemingly creating a new task for a project when in fact the task didn’t belong to that project.

When I’ve had a filtered perspective that had a focus of several specific projects — in other words, when I’m looking a set of specific projects and then a subset of their tasks per the criteria of the perspective — I can hit return under a particular task, thus creating a new one. The new task sits beneath all the tasks associated with a particular project, but doesn’t belong to the project; it actually has no project assignment at all. As soon as I hit “clean up” the task jumps to the top of the screen.

I’ve developed my own ways around this, but I think yours is probably the best (and one I didn’t consider before). Thank you for the tip (I never noticed that lower-right icon in the perspective before) and the explanation.

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