Going mad re: repeat tasks

I can’t figure out why setting a simple Morning Routine is suddenly a major exercise in frustration and the more I read, and the more videos I watch the worse it’s getting.

I have a list of 20 items that I’ve tried to set up under a project titled “Morning Routine”. I want these items to show up as “due every morning at 8 am”. I’d like to check off the items as they’re completed and then have them reappear “like new” the very next morning. I’ve tried multiple times with multiple variations of the settings and nothing seems to be working.

Seems like a rather simple thing. Anyone have advice? Thank you.

Why not just make a repeating project that’s due at 8 AM every morning, and not bother with each of the tasks? That said you’re going to have issues with “due soon” and those items will pretty much always show up.

Here’s what I’d do instead: I’d make a repeating project, that was flagged. Then I’d set the defer date to be 8 AM every morning, and then all those items would show up in my flagged list at 8 AM every day. That should work.

Thanks. I’m running another test now.

I’ve been applying the settings to the “project” not the tasks - that way it applies to everything listed. This morning I tried “due date & repeat 1 hour” and I tried “defer until & repeat 1 hour”.

I’ll set up a test list like you suggested too.
thank you.

@CatOne’s suggestion should work for you. Here are some other helpful pages: forum response and web tip.

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