Good time to Buy Pro?


I´ve standar to iOS and Mac, pero Pro only Mac. I know the features of pro, but I’m safe to buy it to iOS (iOS Pro), because if I upgrade account, In previous versions, having the current version but PRO does not benefit in the future Omnifocus 3 (to upgrade is met as iOS 1 to 2) but to have current version you has:
-Version Pro free
-Version standard 50% discount.

Do you know anything about OF3?

Thank you

For now, Omni seems focused on OmniFocus 2. They’ve not mentioned changing to 3 yet.

If you need Pro now, I would buy it.

If 3 comes in the next 6 months, you’d get it for free. Otherwise I would expect a very fair upgrade, like in other Omni products (50% off).

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