Great to see update, too bad my favorite bugs still have no love

just a bit of venting here… :-)

… in particular, Organize -> Group is a crasher when used in the quick entry window - so I have to save tasks flat and then organize them in the inbox. indent and outdent do work, but wrangling the tasks using those in the QE window is more hassle than it’s worth. This one is a huge pain for my workflow.

Yep, I’ve already reported it. The maintenance releases haven’t been very frequent - really hoping and watching for a fix to this.

I don’t think the quick entry screen is meant to do any advanced project/action editing. It is a place to dump actions and ideas. Then when you assign a project and context, you can switch to project mode and edit it further in the projects perspective.

I go into “quick” entry and enter stuff quickly. I never it use to do advanced editing.

For project creation, I usually go to OmniFocus 2 for Mac, hit Command-O and type a project name to open a project. The main outline goes to that project and then I start creating there.

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If the point of this thread was to vent I suggest using Twitter or a blog. Posts like these add no value for the community.

thanks Brad, I respectfully disagree. I know Omni is listening, and I simply want them to know what I’m feeling. And I think they’d rather hear about my frustration here than out there. Wouldn’t you?

I’ve been part of this community since 2008 and I feel fine and comfortable voicing a bit of frustration right here. Thanks though.

hey wilson - maybe not, but it (Grouping in Quick Entry) worked fine in OF1 and Omni has acknowledged that it’s a bug and it’s in their backlog. I used to use it a lot - I’m in a meeting, I bring up QE to start taking some notes, then I see the broader context and group them, then on to the next.

Obviously I’ve learned not to attempt it anymore but when I get to the inbox later to Clarify, my thoughts and intentions are less organized than they could be. Often while capturing I’ll bring up the inbox (it works fine there) but that’s not always well-at-hand (as is the point of QE).

Of course this probably isn’t as big a deal for most - but it affects my OF experience (and by extension my personal workflow) every day, several times a day. So, really looking forward to the fix. :-)

We probably let this crash sneak out in the first place because as @wilsonng says, we don’t expect people to be doing a bunch of advanced organizing. However, a crash is still a crash, and if we couldn’t make grouping work properly, we should have at least made the command unavailable or something.

The crash has been identified and logged in our database.

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Thanks lizard!

I have an idea here that might work in the meanwhile - I have a handful of applescripts I use for moving tasks around while Clarifying. Maybe I could use a similar script to programmatically create a sibling and move the selected task(s) underneath the new sibling, mimicking the functionality of the Group command.

I’ll give it a try and report back here (assuming we won’t get a fix in the near future).

happy to report that this is fixed in OF 2.1!

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