Grouping by context problem with latest build

In the latest build (207651), my perspectives are grouped by Context and I can’t change.
If I open my Today perspective it shows grouping by Ungrouped, but yet my tasks are grouped by context.

@ckennedy, I’m also having the same problem with this as well.

I have a context based perspective in which the only person selected from the sidebar is my boss.
That particular context is On Hold, and it used to be (until a recent build) that I could view anything that I was waiting on from my boss in one perspective.

To temporarily get around that for me was to Filter by Availability to All, Group Actions by Completed. While it helped, I miss my old perspective.

None of my project based perspectives have been affected by the build, apparently just the context based.


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I’m having this problem as well. My Today perspective is horrible at the moment.

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Sorry about that! This is fixed in the next build (r207656 or later):

  • fixed - Custom Perspective Settings — Fixed a bug introduced with yesterday’s view option changes where a custom perspective setting which was in its default state wouldn’t get applied properly (e.g. “Ungrouped” was being rendered the same as “Group by Context”).

Thanks for reporting the problem!

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Great - all working again. Thanks for the speedy turnaround.