Grouping of Canvases

I use Omnigraffle to wireframe and design for mobile. I love it BUT I really need to group canvases together. I work on 2-3 projects at a time but keep all the screens in one file. I often put empty canvases between canvases of each screen with a bold color to show groupings but it’s definitely not idea. Project grouping would be a nice and easy feature. I’ve needed this since V4.

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I agree with Cassyrowe, the ability to group canvases (similar to layer grouping in PS) would be GREAT!

May times I create a new Omnigraffle file to wireframe/map an end-to-end workflow/functionality but need the ability to group certain canvas by: step, user, screen, etc.

At the very minimum have the ability to color code canvases (again, like PS) so its easy to differentiate them and visually group them

Four years after Cassyrowe, I have the same request.
I use OmniGraffle on the Mac for many kinds of project documentation, from UI mockups to data models, state machines, etc. The number of canvases gets really large. I do the same as cassyrowe, that is put a solid color canvas between groups, with big a big centered title like ‘UI’ in the middle. What I want is two or more levels of depth in which a group of canvases can be collapsed/expanded.