GTD 6 level model using OF2 for iPad/iPhone

Hey there everyone.
Been using GTD for a few months now & have almost 100% implemented.
Recently switched to OF2 from a predominantly paper based system.
The only thing I have left to finish basically is the 6 Level model.
I’m a bit stuck as to how to do it & how to work it into the OF system?
Anyone using OF2 on iPad/iPhone & has the 6 level model incorporated into it in a way that works well?
Thanks all 😊

OF2 and most task managers work fine with:

  1. Actions - next actions or tasks in an OmniFocus project.
  2. Projects
  3. Areas of Responsibility - OmniFocus folders

It gets a lot harder for:
4. Goals
5. Vision
6. Purpose

For these higher levels, I usually use another program that will probably handle them better.


I am using iThoughtsX but you can find others such as Mindnode Pro, NovaMind, or Mindjet Mindmanager. I can visually layout my Goals, Visions, and Purpose in a mind map. I would have to look at my mind map once a quarter and then see if I can create a project that will help me achieve a goal, vision, or purpose.


As an alternative, I use OmniOutliner to help me describe my Goals, Visions, and Purpose. When I am ready to take a step in achieving a goal, vision, or purpose, I will take the next step and create a new project in OmniFocus.


I think there are a few other apps that help to store your ideas. Evernote and DevonThink are other possible options to help you organize your notes.

OmniFocus 2 is fine for the first 3 levels. It is not the right tool for the higher levels. It can possibly be done for the higher levels but it would be easier to use other tools.


Thanks mate! This is helpful 😊

Wilsonng nails it.

I don’t see OF as the location for levels 4-6. I’m a soldier, so it makes sense to me to use the analogy of a weapon, which is a tool. I’ll use specific behaviors and skills with a rifle to get jobs (projects) done. But the how and where and when, that is, the strategic level thinking, is entirely different and is usually done at levels higher than my pay grade.

I know, that didn’t make sense to me either as I was typing it out.

You could create a project for levels 4-6 as a review of sorts. Every year, check on your purpose, every quarter check on your vision, every month check on your goals. This task pops up and links to another file elsewhere, such as Evernote.

But again, Wilsonng said it better and clearer. I’m just agreeing with what ze said.

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thanks eddiecoyote.
It makes sense and is very helpful. Especially the idea of creating a Project in OF that links to another program with my levels 4-6 in it such as Evernote. I’ve done my 6 level on 3x5 cards stuck up on the wall at the moment coz I just wanted to get it done 😄 so now I just need to pick the best digital program to put it into and I’ll be set 😊
Thanks heaps for the hints👍🏼

I haven’t tried it yet but I know there are some Personal Kanban users that do something similar to your 3x5 cards on the wall.

You might want to Google Personal Kanban. This was something I was interested in looking at in the future.

Ok, cheers. Will check that out 👍🏼😊

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FWIW, here’s a post on using Kanbans in Curio. Projects and tasks can be connected back as URL links to their references in OF.


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