Has 'Repeat from this item's' removed as an option in the inspector?

I am sorry if I have lost touch with this aspect, but I am surprised to know that I don’t get to see in the inspector of an action the option - ‘Repeat from this item’s’ (completion or assigned date)?

Has that been removed?

Dr. Sudeep Shroff

You have to have put in a Due or Deferred date for those options to appear.
Logically, that makes, sense (how can I set a repeat of Due or Deferred if there’s nothing to repeat from), but it’s not obvious or easily discoverable


have you checked the inspector?

On iOS if you select the repeat item -> repeat -> repeat (completion or assigned date)

If repeat is not visible on iOS:
in the inpsector -> show more -> change inspector -> add repeat

on Macos you have to add a due or defer date for it to appear.

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Thank you :)

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