Have problem on repeating things

thank you very much for your wonderful application i have pro version 2

i have a small problem and i dont know how to do it

lets suppose today is Wednesday and i have something happens and repeats on wed ,sat,sun

and if i want to postpone due date for this item BUT it must postpone automatically for the next date (next sat) as in our situation but in your application all thing i have to do is to postpone for 1 day,1 week, 1month

so please help me how to postpone my items automatically as shown in repeating days only

Hey @adals! Sorry for the trouble here.

Unfortunately, OmniFocus doesn’t support automatically postponing the way you’re describing. I can think of two workarounds:

  • You could think about the time to the next repeat date (e.g. three days between today and Saturday) and type that into the Defer Date field in the form “+3d”
  • You could mark the item complete, which will trigger the usual repeat logic and push the next iteration to Saturday

These both have their downsides, I’m afraid, but I think the net result might be what you want. Does that help?

Either way, if you haven’t already, sending an email to our support team describing this issue will help us keep track of it and think about improvements for the future.

Thanks for using OmniFocus!

thanks for your reply

this is not a solution and i will calculate it and pick up dates manually but i hope you will consider about it in the future

In the Road Map 2017 blog update, enhanced repeating functions is described here as one of the many future features that we can anticipate.

Look at the paragraph titled “OmniFocus in 2017”

> More flexible repeats and notifications (such as “third Thursday of the month” and “keep reminding me every ten minutes until I check this off”)