Have project due without seeing its individual actions in forecast

Hello helpful Omnifocus users,

Can you help me with this one? Let’s say I have a batch of tasks that I need to do every Monday. The tasks are all actions within a project, and I set the project to have a Monday due date that repeats.

Here’s the issue. In Forecast, it would be great to see that the Project is due on Monday, without also seeing every action within that project.

I figure that there must be some good way around this problem, but I can’t figure it out.

You could have a single action separate from the Monday project that repeats every Monday…something along the lines of “Complete Monday Project”. The single action would have a due date of Monday and the notes field could contain a link to a “Complete Monday Tasks” project that becomes available every Monday (but doesn’t a due date). For added convenience, this project could set to automatically “Complete with last action”.

This would result in only one item in the Forecast and the link in this action would provide a convenient way to jump to the specific Monday actions that need to be accomplished.

I hope this helps…and let me know if you’d like me to elaborate further.

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That’s good enough for me! Thanks Tim!

That’s the first time I’ve used a link like that, but wow it’s easy and that trick definitely will come handy in the future.


You’re very welcome, @Nico. Good to hear this was helpful!

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