Have stencils to share? Let's build a huge repository!

OmniGraffle 6 already searches a set of stencils from us and a few others, but we’d like to add much, much more.

We’re putting together a free repository of stencils and, maybe later, templates. (And maybe much more!) If you have something you’d like to share, upload it.

If you have questions about rights or who-owns-what* (that we can hopefully answer), just send us an email.

We’ll post more on this in the future!


*Not us, but that’s being simplistic.

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So how can I browse the repository?

We’re almost there, @robhastings!

Is it done yet?

Yep! Stenciltown.com

Saaawweeet. I’ve uploaded my stencil through the forums. Will it be visible on the website anytime soon?

@robhastings: I would think they would have already posted your submitted stencil. Weird they haven’t: though it is brand new so I suppose there’s a backlog.

However you can submit directly at the new Stenciltown webpage: maybe that’s the best alternative now.

I think we hit the button stencil submissions shortly after going live! I’m seeing it there now. Nice work!