Having second (additional) thoughts about that Quick Entry task you just created?

Ever enter a task via Quick Entry only to realize you have more thoughts to add?

Here’s a script that appends a note - either from the clipboard or typed* - to the most recently created OmniFocus task (wherever it is). This lets you add additional thoughts to that task without switching to OmniFocus or creating a new task and merging them later.

If you’d find this helpful:

*via LaunchBar/Alfred


Thanks for the script

Just noticed a bug that it will remove (overwrite?) attachments in a note

James - good catch! With some help from Omni support (AppleScript syntax is a little strange with notes and attachments), I’ve updated with a fix.

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This is a wonderfully helpful script, Dan. Thanks for sharing!

At the risk of sounding ungrateful, can the append action be switched to add the additional info below the existing info rather than above it?

@TheWart the original version appends to the end of the note - and that’s the behavior I’d like to restore. But there’s an AppleScript bug that causes attachments to be deleted when editing the note directly. Hopefully OmniGroup support will have a good solution for that, but for now the workaround is to use a different AppleScript method that forces prepending the note.

…that said, if attachments aren’t part of your daily routine, feel free to use the original version: https://github.com/dbyler/omnifocus-scripts/blob/e8f8c672fe26b262bfab93ea20b8b99c2e406585/Append%20Note%20to%20Newest%20Task.applescript

I’ll post here if/when there’s an update that can restore appending behavior without affecting attachments.

I understand now. That’s probably why my AppleScripting stalled when asking Hazel to move a PDF while attaching it to a new task in OmniFocus. I had to rewrite it so that the “bottom” of the note was not affected.

Thanks for clarifying both options!