Having trouble setting background color of notes via applescript

I have a large number of OmniOutliner 3 outlines that I use for typesetting training notes and handouts. I’ve finally bitten the bullet and am updating everything to OO4, and I’m running into a problem:

How does one set the background color of the notes? In the past,
set the background color of note column to {60431, 56458, 54566}
worked just fine. Now, no matter what triple I try to use to set the background color ends up with a lack of background color (i.e.a 0 opacity color). If I then query the background color, it is always {0,0,0}.

What am I missing?

As far as I can tell this appears to be a bug. The background color of note column is always {0.0.0} irrespective of what its true value is. Its possible to accurately get the value of of other note column object such as id or index so the bug appears to relate only to background color (although I didn’t test all the objects)


Thanks a bunch.

I ended up getting around the problem by using OO3 to set note colors on older docs, and then backed away from setting note colors using OO4.