Heading formatting

I’m a bit stumped here, and maybe I’m just missing something.

What I want to do is type an outline where as I go the first level categories are in the Heading 1 style, the second level headings are the Heading 2 style, etc.

If I indent something, I want it to go to the next style smaller automatically, and if I unindent something, I want it to go to the next style larger. I’ve used outlines in other apps that behave basically this way.

But how do I do this in OmniOutliner?

I think what you want to do is open the Sidebar and select the Styles (options are Sections, Styles, and Filters). You should be able to set the formatting for the various levels there.

Let me know if that works.

The trick is to have both the side bar and the inspector open at the same time. Go to the sidebar click on the styles icon and select the level row you are trying to format. Then go to the inspector and configure that how you like. Work through row levels, columns, notes etc and do the same. If you like, you can save that document as a template and in future be able to select it from the template chooser.

Are you saying that if I style this template, items at each level of the outline hierarchy will pick up the style I defined, even if I indent or unindent, move things around, etc?

edit: I don’t see an inspector. I have the Essentials edition. So am I hosed here?

As someone who uses the Pro edition, I can’t ever be certain as to what the differences are between Pro and Essentials but sometimes you can get a better idea from the help document which is distinct for each edition.

Don’t think Inspectors are in Essentials (based on a quick perusal of the help).

To answer around your problem… in general, if you indent or outdent a row, it will take on the formatting style of its new level (as defined within the template). However, other formatting such as ‘heading’ or ‘highlight’ will not be automatically added or removed by changing the level. You should be able to test this in the ‘Light Standard’ template.