Headings or subheadings in Perspectives / today

Hi there

I am not using Omni Focus yet, most of the time I manage my tasks in Things3 (beautiful, byt too inflexible), Todoist (powerful queries, but ugly) and sometimes back to just list. So now that Omni Focus 3 is out, it looks like a good and powerful candidate too to try.

There is one thing I am not sure about. It would be awesome if somebody helps to clear it out.

Headings in a Perspective/Forecast

Quite often I split my daily tasks into several sections of different importance. Sometimes it is Eisenhower matrix (urgent/not-urgent, important/not-important), sometimes 1-3-5 (one top thing for today, 3 secondary ones, 5 - smaller importance), sometimes it is more arbitrary structure used once only (e.g. “my boss’es top task”, “what I promised yesterday”, “regular activities”, “Quarter 4 planning”, “Quarter 3 finishing)”.

What’s common in all these scenarios is that some 10-15 tasks for today I want to structure into several rather arbitrary sections that might make sense for this day only (usually they hold for a couple of weeks though).

Is it possible to create something like this in OmniFocus? And maybe drag tasks freely between the sections?

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