HELP! Best way to to reference previous steps in process flow?

I am trying to create process flows that constantly refer the user to go back to previous steps. I have found that using arrows makes the process flow very messy and hard to follow. Does anyone have any suggestions or examples they can share? Thanks!


Use a Standard. Greater minds than ours have thought these things out.

Generally you must use a numbering system. Usually Legal Numbering.

If your design is integrated (as opposed to fragmented drawings here and there), then the numbers will refer to Processes across all diagrams. Ie. you will not have one set of Process numbers on one diagram, and another set of Process numbers on another diagram.

If you use either IDEF0 or SSADM, due to the decomposition capability, arrows are not a problem. If you use UML or some other mindless method, you are out there alone, and yes, arrows are a problem.