Help getting custom perspective to work

I just upgraded to the pro version so I’m trying to learn custom perspectives. Here’s 2 problems I’m having:

  1. I’m trying to make a “Today” perspective. It is limited to things that are available. But this always includes things in the inbox but I don’t want those to show. Ideas?

  2. I’d love to create a perspective that only contains items from certain contexts, i.e. I want to filter on context. Is a way to do this?

I posted an answer on how to create a custom perspective that shows only selected contexts.

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Here is a helpful blog from @Kourosh about creating custom perspectives:

This was very helpful. Thank you. I remember reading this before but I didn’t have the pro version yet. Now that I do it’ll make more sense.

I understand now (thanks to you) how to select the contexts that I want to see and save them within a custom perspective. But what I was asking for in question #1 was the ability to not see certain contexts. I don’t presently see a way to do that. The reason my inbox is showing up in my “today” perspective is because they are included in the “No context” context. So, I’d like to make a “today” perspective that never shows what is in the “No context” context.

Take a look at the Sidebar Selection portion of the Perspective. You could select all of the contexts except No Context.

Yes, I have that working thanks to @wilsonng. What I need is a way to keep certain contexts from not appearing in my custom perspective, e.g. the “No context” context.

Yep. Think about it the other way around. Select everything, but exclude the ones you don’t want.

Here’s what it could look like:

In this case, my Perspective would show everything except the No Context, Checklists, and Running contexts.

Yes, this is how I am currently doing things. I realized that I didn’t specify one of my needs. As I add new contexts I want those new contexts to show up automatically in the perspective. It would be nice if I didn’t have to remember to add new contexts to my custom perspective. If I could explicitly specify a context I don’t want to see then things would work automatically. This isn’t a show stopper for me, though. Perhaps there’s another way in OF to get what I want?

Is this the same Perspective as your Today view? What’s the task view you’re trying to get to? I’m trying to take a step back. I couldn’t think of a scenario where this would be useful.

Yes, in my today view I never want to see the “No context” and I’d like to see all my other contexts, including newly added ones. Sorry for the confusion.

Two things I can think of here:

  1. You will likely want to make sure you are processing all inbox items with a project and context. That would keep your system clean and eliminate your worries about the No Context issue.
  2. If you do number one. You could start to use the Due or Flagged indicator in your Today perspective. That’s a really popular way of handling it.
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Thanks @joebuhlig, much appreciated.

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I’d love to see filters, not only for Contexts but also for Projects in the Perspective Editor, for several reasons. My suggestion is that you email Omni with your wishes, @sweather. This is the only way for a feature request to be considered.

That’s a great advice. My “Today” perspective is set like that and so I won’t ever see any tasks from my Inbox, unless I flag anything there — which I normally don’t.

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