Help me assign Areas of Responsibility for these projects

I’m I’ve recently re-organized Omnifocus with AOR’s in mind and using folders to denote each AOR that projects and task fall under. I do have a “catch all” project called “Do” but I’d rather not have it. Instead, I’d like all tasks to have a logical location based on what AOR that led me to take on the task.

Here are my current AOR’s folders ( all top level)
Car Owner
Home Owner
Home Buyer
Learn and Try New Things
Personal Finance
Well Being

*Projects that I’m not sure which AOR they should belong to. It could be an existing AOR folder or a new one
Shopping - think home supplies, clothing, electronics, etc
Groceries - anything you’d buy at the supermarket
Changing online passwords - email, banking, social media, etc
Trying different restaurants
Entertainment - Reading books, watching movies, etc
Renewing Passport / Drivers license
Research - related to shopping. Reading reviews, reading product specifications, take a car for a test drive, etc.

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Your reorganised list looks good? My only suggestion would be to use geofenced location reminders so that the next time, for example, you pass your favourite grocery store you’ll be prompted if any tasks are available as you pass. And so on…
You can apply similar logic to arriving home, and leaving home as iOS lets you specify these requirements in location based reminders.

sorry if i was unclear. I’m asking for advice on AOR’s for the projects that i listed.

for example, Groceries
am I buying groceries because I’m a Home Owner? if so,the the groceries project goes into the Home Owner folder.

Ot perhaps since if i don’t eat It will hurt my well being so that falls underneath the Wellbeing AOR and thus goes into that folder.

this is all about having a sensilble folder structure

update - Some of my AOR folders are actually roles and not areas of responsibility. I’ll going to re-organize so that costs are proper AOR’s

Hi ikomrad
I wonder if items in some folders could be separated according to their role but brought together when you need to using contexts. For example, it occurs to me that individual shopping items may be appropriate to any one of your ROIs, so would appear to belong in the ROI’s folder. But if you used a context such as Errands, then you could bring all your shopping items together when you need to by using the Context view or a specially-designed perspective.
with best wishes


I’ll play with this idea. Right now I use the store that I’m going to buy the item from as the context. Ie purchase blinds from Ikea has a context of “Ikea In” that notifies me of what I need to buy when I arrive at Ikea.

All locations except for home and work are sub-contexts of “errands” context, however.

If it’s an online store, then I use “Internet” as the context .

Here is my updated list. I don’t think “Home Buyer” for my current new home purchase tasks and “Learn…” fit in well with the other AOR’s , but it’s a step in the right direction.

Home Technology
Home Buyer
Learn and Try New Things
Well Being