Help needed on iPad Action Groups

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How can I add an action to an action group on ipad?

I can’t seem to ‘get inside’ the action group. So If I’m in a project make a new action - it gets added to the parent project and I have to then manually move the action inside the action group.

It seems to function as I want on iPhone. I can tap on the action group and I’m focused on the action group and add new actions to just the action group. I can’t seem to find the setting that makes it different on my ipad.

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You can’t do that directly on the Ipad. It works much better on the Iphone. You should let The Omni Group know, at the address, that more users would like to see a better solution for this. Below is a part of a message I sent to The Omni Group support on 6th January 2016:

  1. If you move tasks inside another task on the Ipad there is no way to see only that level of tasks. You can only see them indented on the level above, together with all other tasks on that level (much better solution on the Iphone, where action groups are presented the same way as projects).

  2. Neither is there any way to avoid seeing actions in action groups when you are on the level above - to get a better overview -, as you can’t fold action groups the way you can with projects by tapping on the triangle to the left of the project name (much better solution on the Iphone, where the actions in action groups are automatically hidden when you are on the level above, as the Iphone only shows one level at a time).

  3. As you can only show the level above actions in action groups on the Ipad, you can’t create new actions directly in action groups by tapping on the circled plus-button - the actions will be created on the level above. Then you have to open the action, tap on the button ”Move inside another item”, and choose the action group. And all this you have to do for every action you would like to put in the action group (unless there is some technique I’m not aware of)! (Far better solution on the Iphone, where you can create the first action, move it inside another action, and then - as the view changes to the action group level when you move the action there - create as many actions in that action group as you like simply by tapping the circled plus and then ”Save +” for the following actions - the actions will be created directly in the action group.)


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I have mailed and made similar suggestions.

Recently I basically reset my whole omnifcus database. I had come to the point where I felt I was using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. I went back to a more simple text-based system but really missed some of the features of OF. What I am trying to do is use OF but in a much simpler form. I am determined to make this work, and I think a uniform approach to action groups across all the platforms would help users use OF in a very minimal manner, yet take advantage of all of the benefits of the app.

It’s easy to do on the mac, but I find, particularly on the iPad, that it can be hard to operate at a very simple level.

Thanks for you’re reply, you articulated my thoughts far more eloquently than I could myself.


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