Help with a Recurring Task that is missed

So, I have a task called Backup Computer. This task should be run every Friday.

However, I also occasionally miss this task.

Currently, my repeat is set for:

Repeat Every One Week
Days Of Week = Friday
Repeat from This item’s “Assigned Dates”

So the problem is that if I miss one, and then clear that out, the next repeated task appears (ie Next Friday).

What I would really like is the following:

Friday Oct 5th. - Task that is missed
Monday Oct 15th - I finally get to run the original Back up task

When I clear this out, I want the next one to be scheduled for Friday Oct 19th. However, what Happens is that the previously scheduled task that was deferred on Oct 12th appears.

Can someone help me figure out how to structure this repeat?

Thanks in advance!


Hey @chrisbog! Thanks for the clear description of your question.

Since you’ve already specified Days of Week = Friday, OmniFocus knows that the task should only be scheduled for Fridays. I think it might work out if you switch “Repeat From This Item’s” from “Assigned Dates” to “Completion.”

To test this, I set up something close to your description:

  • A new Inbox item, due on Friday September 21 (overdue)
  • Repeating weekly, on Fridays, from completion

This item is a couple weeks overdue (just like your backup task), and when I check it off, it gets scheduled again for Friday October 5 — this upcoming Friday. It skipped September 28 completely.

Hope this works for you, and thanks for using OmniFocus!

Ok. Let me change it and try that.

It isn’t intuitive to me that that is the “from completion” function.

I assumed that means that we will repeat from the date we complete it. For example If I do the task that you suggested on October 3 then the repeat would start from there.

However, Thanks!

This seems to do what I wanted.


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