Help with lists and daily tasks

Ok, so I’m a new user,
I just bought this app because it sounded awesome and the man himself mr. CGP Grey talked about it so much.

I’m 17 years old and goes to gymnasium, like high school in Sweden.
Sorry for my bad English.
And I’m getting in to this system now and I’m really starting to like it. But I have a bunch of questions that you guys maybe can answer and tell me the questions that is impossible to do:

How do I make lists that repeats the day after I checked them, but only monday to friday every two weeks?
For example a morning routine every schoolday, but doesn’t come up on the forecast in the app but reminds me every morning that I should check of that list.

What is the difference between defer and due?

Can I put a reminder on a whole list instead of every single task I write down?
For example if I add an item to my list what to do when I clean my room (a project) I want to make a list that will remind me every 2 weeks that I should clean my room. Or maybe I put it in my calendrar and after the list is checked it will appear again after two weeks…?

Can I somehow have omnifocus reminders into my fantastical 2 app?
it works with apples own reminder app…

That is all.
Thank you for answers :)

Ok, vi får väl avstå svenskan. I don’t use repeating tasks as I realized I don’t like the idea of having more and more tasks of the same kind produced automatically, but I think you will find your way if you experiment a bit with them. I have another suggestion, though, that might be worth trying. You could try the review feature as an alternative or complement to repeating tasks. The settings for when to review tasks are more limited than those for repeating tasks, but at least to me, the review feature has become a central, convenient way for getting reminded about projects I should work on. In several cases, I have projects with tasks that to me actually are repeating, I just don’t mark the tasks as done, instead I mark the project as reviewed.