Help with Move To Notes script


AppleScript noob here. Appreciate your help and suggestions.

I need an OO4 AppleScript that will go through an outline and copy each item into its own notes field, and then truncate the item title to 32 characters.

I got as far as figuring out that I would copy the text, move it to the notes field, then copy the first 32 characters into a variable that would replace the title.

When I look at the Applescript samples available for OO4, it’s a bit beyond my pay grade. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Try this.

tell application id "OOut"
	tell front document
		repeat with row_i in every row
			set main_text to the text of topic cell of row_i
			set note_text to the text of first cell of row_i
			set value of first cell of row_i to main_text
			if (count of characters in main_text) > 32 then
				set truncated_text to (characters 1 thru 32 of main_text) as string
				set value of topic cell of row_i to truncated_text
			end if
		end repeat
	end tell
end tell

Thanks very much! That seems to do the trick.

That is definitely one of the handiest OO scripts I have used. Thank you @anamorph for requesting it and @DrLulz for supplying it!

Really works well for large copy and paste operations from scanned PDFs so that I can outline for class.