Help With Organizing Structure of OF and Projects While Maintaining Review and Perspectives Needs

Hello, I have reorganized my Omnifocus several times in the past 24 hours and would like to ask the OF community what they would suggest, as this is new to me. I have recently departed Things3.

Quick Version of the Question:
How should I organize my folders, projects, actions based on the flow of my business? I have use the agencies that I work with as folder names and also as projects (organized by month) and have a zillion other ideas too and don’t know where to go from here. I’d also like to keep “Reviews” as options which thinks this may result in me not using any single action lists. I’d also like the structure to result in the name of clients instead or in addition to agency names as viewable in the perspective I created to view available work.

Background Information:
I am a consultant and work with individuals who are affiliated with different agencies. All but one of the 10 agencies have repeating tasks by month or quarter that will be the same every year. I have five agencies that have work to be completed every single month and require weekly review. I have created a “Monthly Tasks” folder with a project named the agency name. These projects will never be complete because there will be work to get done every single month. And I have projected hours to complete each month so I can rationalize having “January-Agency1” as a project. I am not sure if it would be better to create a separate project for every single month or to just list all tasks under the monthly folder name. Is the folder name better to be the month, or the agency? I also want to be sure that the Review process is weekly for these items and using a single action list does not show up in Review lists so I’ve heard…?

I also have five agencies who have less frequent tasks at a quarterly frequency and I’ve most recently created a “Quarterly Tasks” folder and then a project name with the agency name for those. I did have four separate folders labeled, “Q1 Tasks”, “Q2 Tasks”, etc. But I thought this might be better. These agencies would only need monthly review instead of weekly.

My concern is that I wanted the Review frequency for some agencies to be more frequent however I don’t want to include work due 12 months from now as part of my weekly review. I am not sure if I can just check it off as reviewed without looking at this, or if it can be or should be eliminated from the process altogether.

I have categorized the monthly work for each agency as a project as there is a clear start and end date for the varying tasks due that month, but there are also repeating one off tasks that are due each month.

Another qualm with the way I have it set up now is that in the perspective I created to see what is actionable now, it doesn’t include the client’s name as part of the task now available for my sequential template.

Any and all feedback would be appreciated. I have redone this so many times and I’d really like to have it finalized by bedtime tonight so I can add the actions tomorrow.

I am including an image of what it looks like right at this moment for reference.

In case it’s helpful, here’s some information on how I’ve organized my OmniFocus database - some of the broad strokes of the challenges we face are similar. If you look at the following tips and think none of them work for you, though, I promise I won’t be offended.

Similar to your setup, I have top-level “Work” and “Home” folders, with projects split between the two. Within my work folder, I have several sub-folders for the different facets of my responsibility. For your workflow, my suggestion would be to add folders for each of the agencies you work with. That gives you one place to look for any project that might relate to that agency, rather than needing to remember whether a given agency was one of the monthly or quarterly ones in order to know which folder to look in.

I’d suggest a folder for each agency rather than a project because, as you mentioned, the top level ‘projects’ aren’t ever going to be completed. In my mind, it’d be cleaner to let folders provide organization, and projects to represent outcomes/goals, rather than having projects do both of those things.

You could then put the “January” project into the “Agency1” folder, set a defer date (first of the month) and a due date (last of the month), and then choose “Repeat every: 1 month”. When you complete the January project, the new one will be created at that point. (It’ll also be named “January”, but you can edit that either right then or during the next review.)

You can control the review frequency on a per-project basis, including during the review process itself - see the annotated section of the sidebar in the attached screenshot. (I’ve got the dark theme active on my Mac, but other than that the controls should look similar in your copy.)

I like this! Thank you so much for sharing. So folders to separate the agencies and then Month Names as projects with all of the work due that month (and repeating monthly, quarterly, or semiannually, or annually). I will redo things this way tomorrow.

So …
(Folder) Agency 1
(Parallel Project) Monthly Tasks set to repeat every 1 month
(Folder) Agency 2
(Parallel Project) Quarterly Tasks set to repeat every 3 months

… and so on

What about one-offs or single actions? Do you have one main list for single actions for all work-related tasks or one single action list for each agency? I am leaning toward one work-related one for all just because sorting one-offs into agencies doesn’t seem to be the most time efficient choice but if there is some benefit in another area like perspectives, I’d be willing to try it out. Thanks again!!

Also, I can’t see your screenshot and I’ve tried viewing in two different browsers and downloading. If it’s not too much of a hassle, can you please try again? Thanks!!

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Dear Brian: the “Upload” button is not the correct way to include a screenshot in your post. Fixed!

I am still unable to view the screenshot and would really love to!! :)

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Sorry about this @jazzyyazzi! We think that the uploads disappearing (has happened in other threads) is the result of a Discourse problem that we recently resolved. I’ll ping Brian so he can re-upload again, but he is out of the office this week so it may be a while.

@jazzyyazzi I’m back in the office; just re-uploaded the screenshot. Sorry for the trouble!